All About Seeking Legal Help For Sexual Harassment & Discrimination At Workplace!


There are numerous state and federal laws that are meant to protect and empower employees against sexual harassment & discrimination at workplace. Yet, the number of cases is shocking every year, and many employees don’t even know what’s wrong in the first place. Experiencing sexual harassment & discrimination based on race, caste, gender, religion, can be sad and shocking at the same time, but it is critical to get things right. Depending on the facts of the case, you can actually sue your employer and ask for compensation. There are employment lawyers, who specifically work on such cases. Here’s more on the various circumstances and seeking legal help.

What amounts to harassment and discrimination?

Well, there are varied situations, which can be counted into either sexual harassment or discrimination at workplace. Some of the standard ones are listed below-

  1. Senior(s) have made sexual advances towards you
  2. You have been wrongfully terminated from the job
  3. You have been discriminated based on your color or gender
  4. You have been asked to leave work without any privileges you deserve
  5. You have been forced to sign contracts for giving up certain rights
  6. You have been mentally harassed
  7. You were made to feel low because of your origin
  8. You have been denied promotion for the wrong reasons
  9. Someone has made verbal sexual advances
  10. You have been framed because of raising your voice against something

Laws state that employers cannot discrimination against employees based on wrong grounds, but it happens all the time.

Finding legal help

There are law firms that deal specifically with sexual harassment & discrimination at workplace, and you have to find one that can take your case in all honesty. The good news is many lawyers offer the first consultation for free, so you can call or meet them and share all the details of your case, and they will offer a fair idea of what you can possibly expect from the case. They will also discuss the various situations that may crop up and the expected compensation or settlement. In some cases, your lawyer may even ask to drop the case, because the expenses would go beyond the actual compensation.

If you think you have a case of sexual harassment & discrimination at workplace, don’t shy away from taking things ahead with a lawyer. It is always in your best interests and makes sense to exercise your rights.