Mistakes Which Would Dampen the Success Rate of Your Virginia Child Custody Case


Wading through divorce process is difficult and it gets even more overwhelming when there are child custody issues to be sorted. Since the couples are already on a vulnerable state, some tend to act irrationally owing to anger/hurt/resentment which interferes with the negotiation process.

Sort child custody using the assistance of an attorney:

Handling child custody when you are a fragile state can pose additional problems. When arriving at a decision, the court takes into account your behavior throughout the proceedings. There are many issues that may arise during the process which complicate your case. Get the help of an attorney to take full advantage of the custody options available.

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Common mistakes to avoid during custody battle:

The words you utter and the way you behave can be used against you during evaluation process. Your spouse may try to reduce your custody chances by citing your behavior as reasons. Watch your behavior and remember that conversations can be used as evidence.

  • Criticizing the spouse in front of children: Avoid dragging your kids into this by speaking ill of your spouse or yelling at your spouse in front of them. Maintaining things civil in front of them will send the message out loud that you have your children’s best interests in mind.
  • Trying to sort the case without the help of attorney: There is so much of paperwork involved. A single mistake could cause problems in custody. An experienced attorney doesn’t leave room for error.

  • Failing to follow a court order: Always follow the orders issued by the court. Failing to do so would influence the judge’s decision regarding custody. If the visiting schedule mentioned won’t work for you, get the help of an attorney to negotiate.
  • Prevent your children from meeting the other parent: A child needs the support of both parents and this action gets very confusing and frustrating for them. This would definitely cause major problems in your custody case.

There is no absolute guarantee that you’ll win custody but avoiding these mistakes will work to your advantage. Having the right child support lawyer boosts your chances of success of the result.