When Do Car Accidents Mostly Occur During The Day?


Car accidents can happen anytime during the day. It can happen as you head to work in the morning, pick your kids up from daycare, go on a night stroll, or return home during rush hour. Everyone has seen or experienced at least one fender-bender in their lives. If you have, you must be aware of how irritating it can be to stop and exchange information. 

Most people believe that accidents occur at night due to lower visibility. It is natural for people to think so, but the reality is different. Most road car accidents happen during the evening part of the day. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, speak to a Pleasant Grove Personal Injury lawyer today. 

The Most common time for car accidents 

The National Safety Council released data that revealed the most common time when car accidents occur on the road. The report indicated that the number of accidents depends on factors like the day of the week and the season of the year. The report stated that the most fatal and non-fatal crashes happened between 4 pm and 8 pm. 

Most people assume that accidents occur at night due to obvious reasons and factors. However, it also makes sense that most crashes occur in the morning and evening during rush hour. Students head out for their schools and colleges, and employees and bosses head out to their offices in the morning. This is why roads are jam-packed during the early hours. 

Employees returning from work in the evening also cause quite heavy traffic, which increases the probability of an accident. The more drivers there are on the road, the more reasons you have to worry about your safety. The evening is more dangerous as workers are tired from work and want to get home as soon as possible and rest. 

Driving during the night 

While the mornings and evenings are the most dangerous parts of the day, the night is not safe either. For starters, the reduced visibility increases the risk of drivers not spotting a pedestrian or cyclist and crashing into them. Secondly, drivers are more likely to skip wearing their seatbelts at night. Thirdly, more people are likely to drink and drive during the night. 

In fact, the number of crashes caused by alcohol consumption during the day is only 18%, while it is 54% at night. 

The safest hours to drive in Pleasant Grove are early mornings, before the students and office workers head out to work. Very few cars are on the road, and the drivers are less likely t