5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Slammed with DUI Charges in Mesa


Compared to the entire nation, Mesa, Arizona, exercises some of the harshest penalties for DUI charges. From paying hefty fines to losing your license, serving jail time, and restitution, there is an endless list of consequences one must endure if you are charged with DUI in the suburbs of Mesa.

But, if you are ever caught in a surprise and are confronted on the road by cops while driving intoxicated, there are certain things that you should refrain from doing until the Mesa DUI lawyer arrives at the scene.

Do Not Resist Arrest

If a police officer finds a reason to arrest you and carries out the order, the best you can do is remain calm and let him or her complete the duty.  As Arizona’s DUI penalties can be pretty harsh, resisting an arrest can add more to your crime card. So, don’t try to fight the Mesa police off or run, scream or yell at the officers near you. Remain as neutral and calm as possible and wait for instructions from your Mesa DUI lawyer.

Do not Acknowledge That You Are Drunk

Try not to disclose the fact that you consciously decided to drive after indulging in alcohol. A confession can turn the case into a criminal DUI offense, and you may be charged with breaking the law by the State.

Before the hearing date is scheduled at the Mesa Justice Courts or Mesa Municipal Court, you have to make sure that you remain tight-lipped while talking to the cops; the only person you must trust is your DUI lawyer from Mesa.

Never Deny the Breath Tests

Even if the breath tests offer measurable evidence to aid the charge, the Mesa DUI lawyer you hire will know how to defend and refuse the results.

You mustn’t deny getting tested with the breathalyzer at the scene. If you say no to the test, the Arizona Law System will likely revoke the driver’s license. Then you may have to deal with the MVD Hearing at Mesa’s DUI Courts to get your case settled.

Refrain From Answering Many Questions

In a pressuring situation, many of you will be tempted to talk too much. While the Mesa City Police cops are interrogating you at the scene, you will be ready to answer all the questions with the thought that it will help prove your innocence and sincerity.

But, this can turn the case against you. Even one wrong word can take the case far away from you. So, don’t give in to the police’s tactics and follow their instruction without divulging more information than required.

Don’t Deny an Attorney

It takes much to prove your innocence in a DUI case in Mesa. There can be a loophole anywhere from analyzing the blood alcohol content to checking the police reports and evaluating the evidence.

The only way to use this window of opportunity is by working with a local attorney. Remember that you have every right to talk to an attorney. So, at the time of arrest, you must exercise this right and call the DUI lawyer to assist you through the case.

Follow these tips and stay mum until you talk to your lawyer. Ask for a DUI attorney from Mesa, Arizona, and confide in everything that transpired at the scene. Remember, you must always have an attorney by your side to safeguard your rights.