Can I Change The Work Schedule To Take Care Of My Kids?


A time may come when you have to bring flexibility in your work due to the obligations to your children. It might be necessary as many employees are recalled to the office, but the kids’ after-school programs and the daycare might not be operational. You will ask critical questions as you stumble to deal with the situation.

You can expect resistance from your employer when asking for in your schedule. If your employer does not provide such flexibility and reacts another way, you can contact a virginia employment attorney.

Can I change the work schedule to take care of my kids?

There are ways to request to place yourself in the best situation to reach an optimal result. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Document the polite request

Frame the request as respectfully as possible, ask for an “accommodation meeting,” and be prepared. In the written request, attach some documents to support the request. The documents should contain exactly what you are requesting and not that your accommodation request is to support your parental obligation. 

Keep a formal record of all the requests. The step is essential because it serves as an “investigation/ trigger to act” on your accommodation request. Always keep it professional and respectful, as mentioned, and frame it politely. Getting off the right foot is advantageous to any interaction.

Also, keep a record of the requested journey. Maintain high professionalism as these records will be introduced as evidence at some time.

  • Win-Win

Frame the request as “Win-Win” as possible. For instance, if you ask to work outside of regular working hours, you can emphasize the work you can do in the earlier hours, benefitting the business or organization. Is there a task/duty/job that piles up during work hours and harms the organization and no one has time to address the situation, and you can resolve them by arriving earlier at work? Provide many ideas to the employer so that you have legitimate benefits to offer. 

  • Demonstrate collaboration

If you require accommodation for 4days per week and have found a viable alternative for two or three days per week, let your employer know your actions to fix the needs. It will show that you are partaking in the process and have made an effort to reduce any “burden” on the employer.

Alternative measures can be partner, daycare, childcare, trusted/friend, “parent-pooling,” etc. You should dig as many reasonable options and document your attempts.